thanks for the info. i haven't tried it yet ,but i can almost smell the motor
burning up from here(my fingers too).could you tell me more about which wire
goes where?i'm a little reluctant to go trial&error.
thanks bob
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For braking, look at the two wires that power your motor- remove power and short those two motor wires together. That works most simply with a DC motor. For AC, it gets more complex. Imagine a double pole double throw (DPDT) relay wired to the motor with the common wires each going to one of the motor wires. The NC contacts (normally closed) would go to the power wires from the driver to the motor. The NO wires would be shorted together. Now, when the braking relay is not engaged, each wire runs to the motor as it normally would. When the braking relay is activated, the two wires feeding power to the motor are disconnected and the two wires from the motor are shorted together.
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