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Here's a list of what I have. Let me know if you are interested in any of them. Thanks Dave
4VM82-020-5 16pieces 4VM81-200-1 2 pieces 33VM62-220-2 2 pieces 33VM52-000-14 4 pieces 2VM51-020-6 7 pieces 2VM61-220-2 5 pieces 2VM62-020-2 2 pieces 2VM62-030-11 1 pieces
> Daniel- > > I do not have my list with me today. Below is a list the ones I've > already taken pics of, I can share them with you if you want to see > them. The motors are brand new and in original packaging. I'm > looking for $100.00 each with buyer picking up shipping costs. I've > checked with Pac-Sci and they retail between $1100 and $1500. I have > more than one of each but I can get the final numbers posted tomorrow. > 22VM51-020-6 > 2VM62-020-2 > 33VM52-000-14 > 4VM81-200-1 > 33VM62-220-2 > 4VM82-020-5 > I'll get a full list posted tomorrow with available quantities. > Thanks > Dave >
> > I might be interested if they are cheapish... > > What model(s) are they so we can check specs on the website? > > > > - Daniel > >
> > > Hi all. I'm a collector of motors and I just came across some that > > > may be of interest to those of you who build robots. These motor are > > > ironless core units similar to Escap but they are larger. They are > > > made by Pacific Scietific, the motors have low rotor ineria and lower > > > current draw, and high torque output. They should be great for a > > > combat bot. You can see more at the following address: > > >
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> > I got about 30 of these bad boys and to tell you the truth that's more > > > than I need. Anyone interested in buying a couple or if you have any > > > questions, let me know. This is my first time in a group so if anyone > > > out there knows a better way to advertize these motors please tell me. > > > Thanks > > > Dave
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