If you know a good manufacturer, please tell me.


I am a inventor in London. My invention is a Batteryless Bicycle safely light which is not very difficult to manufacturing.

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I am looking for a manufacturer worldwide for low cost mass produce the new product.

But I contacted some manufacturers in Asia (such as: China or Hongkong). For some reasons they are first showing very interested in it, then afterward they all lose interesting to make the product for me.

I do not know why?

Is that I have to pay any money in front?

If someone know any good manufacturers in Asia, please introduce to me.


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Q Gang
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Seems very much like the hub generator I have on my own bicycle already. Your web-site claims of "no batteries, no friction, no resistance" does not stack up either. Any generator relying on the motion of the bicycle will extract some portion of the kinetic energy available in the motion of the cycle. This is a load, no matter how small, on the driving force.

My Schmidt generator is quite good at just 3% loading to run both the halogen headlamp and the LED Standlight. It is also very adequate illumination for some of the dark roads around here (not sure an LED is that brilliant to illuminate ones way). The UK, at least, also has regulations about the type and power requirements of bicycle lighting systems.

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Paul E. Bennett

I would expect that any contract manufacturer is going to want to insure payment one way or another. Unless you have a track record then you will probably have to prepay, or arrange for some sort of escrow (like an international letter of credit).

You may also not be presenting a thorough enough design - A model made up from film containers and tape is a good proof of concept, but it isn't necessarily going to be the best for mass manufacture, and it may be leaving your prospective suppliers thinking that you're too amateur for them to work with.

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Tim Wescott


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They have many contacts in Asia and China.


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"the PC-based Controller people"

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Any electrical energy taken from the wheel must show up as a drag on it. If it's small enough, the drag won't be perceptible to the rider, but imperceptible is not the same as perpetual motion. A typical bicycle generator is designed to deliver about 3.6 watts (6V, .6A). Generators that ride the rim, like my old Beamo, cause extra drag when not properly aligned, and have their own bearings. Generators built into the hub use the wheel bearings, and can't get out of alignment, so they usually have less drag in practice.

Generator design isn't trivial. A decent one gives bright light at about

5 mph and won't burn out the bulb at 35 mph. There is no need for a regulator if the magnetic circuit is properly designed. I don't see that in the design you show, but maybe I don't understand it fully.


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Jerry Avins

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The device uses a 'tumbling magnet' which induces a pulse every wheel rotation. The rotating magnet fixed to a spoke somehow picks up and drops the loose magnet inside the coil. The pulse energy is more or less constant, but the repetition frequency isn't. No regulation is needed as the LED flashes once per wheel revolution.

Adaptations include a supercap for some standby light.

I think it's quite a clever idea, but nowhere near enough light output to be useful or legal - a reflective/fluorescent belt or jacket is far more use as are proper lights. Of course, the drag isn't really zero, but is very, very small in line with the power output.


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Keith Wootten

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