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I need to connect a 2mm shaft to a 5mm shaft. I was hoping I could use a shaft coupler, but the only ones I can find connect shafts of the same size. Does anyone know of any suppliers (any world location) who can supply a shaft coupler, which will work for my application?

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2-piece jaw couplers (LoveJoy is one manufacturer) provide for this. You buy the front and back pieces separately, and the "spider" material that provides a cushion for the coupler. You can mix-and-match as long as the shaft diameters are reasonably close...2mm to 5mm is reasonably close.

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Gordon McComb

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may be able to help... this is a UK supplier but they have sales out lets in France, Ireland and the USA.

They sell quite a variety of flexible and fixed shaft couplings. As companies go they're price is quite reasonable, but this is an industrial solution so it isn't cheap in terms of hobby solutions.

A apart from unequal bore couplings they also sell bore reducers that will take a 5mm coupling bore down to 2mm.

When deciding on flexible or fixed couplings try to work out how much misalignment you might have & how much the shafts can tolerate for your application. This is about improving reliability & reducing undue forces in your components... mind you price goes up with flexibility!

Hope this helps.

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