making a spline shaft and golf cart motors

You are very lucky the motor has the female spline. That is much harder to make. Those motors have no front bearing! So, you have to make up a motor end plate, with bearings, mounting flange to the motor frame, and your output shaft.

I hope you have a lathe, too, to make the plate. You will pretty much need a dividing head to turn the shaft for the spline teeth, too.


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Jon Elson
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Hello everyone,

I have a project that will be using a pair of golf cart motors. The ones I have looked at all have a female splined shaft of either 10 or 19 splines.

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anyone know of an adapter to allow someone to hook up a sprocket set up or similar? Does anyone know of any other similar motors that already have a sprocket or belt pully?

If it turns out I have to make this shaft myself, what type of steel would be best? I will be using a table top milling machine to spline this shaft on one end and a keyway for a pully on the other. Any info and help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance, op

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Looks like, at least on a couple of those, that you could mount a sprocket hub (or pulley hub) on the "outside" of the shaft rather than trying to use the internal splines.... might work better.... Ken.

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Ken Sterling


Thanks for that info, I was unaware that there was no front bearing. I have a lathe and a dividing head as well, so hopefully this will not turn into a nightmare project. I also have a rotary table which is probably what I will use to make the new front section for the motor on the mill. Looks like I am going to be making a shaft and a front plate. Not to mention all the fabricating on everythign else.



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