McMaster-Carr's garden hose cart

I need to replace my garden hose cart (cheap Chinese plastic one) due to leaking and I want to buy a metal welded cart that is nicely made and can last several years. So I wanted to see if anyone has the one from McMaster carr. The price is fine with me, if it works well, lasts a while and is repairable.

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Be careful, Iggy. Word on the street is that McMaster Carr is a cheating no good supplier.

Steve ;-)

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Ooh, now I gotta go look - I need some metal wall-mount 100-footers for residential "Fire Hose" duty. Everything they have at the Borg is plastic and crap.


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Bruce L. Bergman

I don't know about MCM's reel, But I have had a wall reel made by these folks for about 10 years with no complaints. It is fully maintainable/repairable and made up of welded steel and brass parts. You can even get it in SS if you want.

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Randal O'Brian

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