Small Workshops

I would be interested in hearing and seeing examples of very small
workshops (closets/small apartments/small bedrooms) and how people have
adapted a workshop to a very small space. Pictures or links to pictures
would be great. I would think the challenges of lighting, ventilation,
power, chip control and space would create some interesting solutions.
Any articles that discuss this subject would also be welcome.
Thanks for any contributions you might offer.
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If you browse around here, you should be able to find some of what you are looking for.
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Mitch Berkson
--Trying to remember his name; might have been Steve Baldwin or something like that. Anyway he was the guy who did many of the tool and hardware reviews for the currently defunct Whole Earth Review. At one time he had his whole workshop crammed into a panel van and I have a vague recollection that he wrote a book about how to assemble and maintain a tiny shop, whether mobile or not. Not much to go on, but there ya go..
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You could look here:
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Pete Harrison
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Peter Harrison
I solved one of my space problems by building a lazy-suzzane type table top with 4 machines on top, Small drill press, Grinder, Scroll saw and sharpener. The cable all went to a hole in the middle and I put a stop on the table so it only rotated through one revolution. The table was made with a lazy-suzzane bearing in the biddle and a package of those roler ball support that are sometimes used in woodworking supporting the outside of the table. Works real well would do it again.
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