How many people would be interested in a web-based forum?

I was thinking about setting up a forum for discussion of this fine hobby of ours, where we could have different sections and a forsale/wanted section etc etc. We would each have a user account and password, and the best thing is that all the posts would be saved so they could easily be searched for answers to questions.

This is another forum I own and run

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If I were to setup another one it would have a new design related to stationary engines rather than computers and all the sections would be different of course. I'm very competent in web-design and all that, so it wouldn't be hard to do this.

Anyway, would it be of use to anyone? I know it could never replace a newsgroup, but I think forums are much easier to use and look at lot nicer.

Regards, Chris :)

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Chris Crocker - White
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Hear, hear, Nick. It can sometimes be very quiet on this group, so spreading out to a forum would seem a dilution.

The Internal Fire site is rather underused as it is, and there are classifieds and other features available there.

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Arthur Griffin

I feel the same Arthur. Given the fairly low traffic surrounding the group and our hobby in general, there is a danger that too many forums etc would lead to a dilution of the valuable resource that is available here. Usenet has stood the test of time and I'm a firm beleiver in the old adage 'if it aint broke, don't fix it', - however, my Lister D is, but that's another story :)

best Matt

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Hi, I added the Classifieds on Internal Fire originally as a means of getting rid of some junk and raising concrete money. Having done it I felt I might as well leave it in case anyone did want to use it. The is and always will be a free resource including pics.

Articles are appearing in a couple of magazines shortly now that we are open and traffic on the site is picking up.

The forum was added more as a means of supporting casual visitors who were not subscribing to the newsgroup. Newsgroup access is also there. I tend to agree that using the forum may dilute the newsgroup,

This sort of thing does take time take go but it may also be there is no real need for the forum as the newsgroup may be doing everything required.

The point if the Internal Fire site is to provide space for whoever/whatever needs it in relation to the hobby. We already host several websites for people and will continue to do all we can to help - all people have to do is ask. I should also stress that this will ALWAYS be a free service - too many people making money out of this hobby already. (and yes you do have to pay to get in the museum - got to get the fuel/electricity from somewhere).

Cheers Paul

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Internal Fire, Museum of Power, Wales

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Paul Evans

OK guys, I didn't realise there was already a forum (although phpnuke is nasty, heheh). I wouldn't want to be looking in several places either seeing as there are so few of us :)

I've always found newsgroups to be a source of accurate information, forums often contain lots of false information and people who don't know what they are on about (in my experience anyway).

Regards Chris

p.s. I'm happy because my newly restored D has been 'running in' outside all day without any problems (except for the rocker adjusting screws coming undone!) :)

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Chris Crocker - White

There are already a number of other forums out there catering for engines in general and also specific makes etc (mainly American).

I was quite surprised when a quick search on Yahoo Groups revealed the following list of 34 forums!:- (hope link ok)

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Furthermore, I am also a member of the Yahoo Engine House Group which could be quite good. Admitedly I haven't had the time to post yet as the newsgroup is my main 'forum'. Worth a look:-

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Internal Fire is also good and with the increasing traffic, adverts could be very successful.

Food for thought...


-- Stationary Engines Scotland

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David McC

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"Nick Highfield" said>

- and a free subscription to SE magazine is on its way to Nick!

Seriously though, it is definitely what got me back into active collecting and restoration. I bought a Lister D out of the local "Trade it" free ads paper and the previous owner gave me a copy. I rang Kelsey the next day, got them to send me a free back issue - it was the one with the unrestored Petter "rugby ball" tank on the back cover (one of yours, Philip?) - and I was hooked.


Kim Siddorn.

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J K Siddorn

"J K Siddorn" wrote (snip):-

If only!

However I did suggest to the editor that a monthly prize of a years free subscription could be offered for the best article or letter (I should have added from a new contributor rather than us old hacks). Could drag out some interesting stuff from those who normally hide their light under a bushel.

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Nick Highfield

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