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Subscribers to this newsgroup may be interested to hear that we have
recently set up a brand new web site relevant to your hobby.
Vintageworld is a classified adverts website for vintage vehicle and
machinery enthusiasts.
Private adverts of up to 30 words can be placed free of charge.
(Alternatively you can have 50 words and include a photograph for only
Categories include : Pre-1972 commercials, steam engines, stationary
engines, 1940's memorabilia, railway memorabilia, wanted items, events
listing and so on. This is a brand new site so your support would be
very welcome. I'ts free to visit and free to place an ad so why not
pay us a visit at
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Paul Stokes
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Paul Stokes
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It's all well and good, but I think £5 is a lot for an advert that hardly anyone is going to see (i've noticed you only have ~40 visitors that aren't unique), plus it's not like you have hosting costs to pay for with it being on freeserve webspace, so why not make it free?
Also - why not make it database driven, that way the advertisments could be organised a lot easier than just editing html pages, and the entire thing could be automated.
Regards Chris :)
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Chris Crocker - White
Thanks for your comments Chris.
Just for info : is a brand new site and had only just gone live. There have been around 100 more hits since you posted your message. You said 'why not make it free' - text only adverts are free. If it becomes sucessfull the site would most likely be moved to a hosted domain and will almost certainly be database driven. At the moment it is in it's infancy and has been created by enthusiasts to be useful to fellow enthusiasts buying, selling or 'just looking' in the field of vintage machinery.
Paul Stokes
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Paul Stokes

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