USBMOD2 pin outs

Hi all

I have finally got this working using vb6 and mscomm but i now have a new problem. USBMOD2 suposed to be a parallel port but the 8 data i/o pins i cantkeep live to emulate thow a parallel port would behave.

So end result i cant use it to switch relays in the same way

Any ideas please.

Thanks in advance


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Hi Roger, I can see you posting your messages there, getting a little assistance, but still struggling.

I sell these things, but unfortunately, I know very little about them technically, so I can't answer you in detail.

The manufacturers page is at:

formatting link
you can't find the information you need at:, then contact Paul Lundh and he will pass any questions onto Elexol support for you.


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Don McKenzie

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