Whats best place to buy servos from in uk?

Anyone know where the best place to buy a servo from is within the uk? I
have never used one before and would like to experiment with one. I just
want a standard servo to play around with and if anyone can recommend a
specific model, it would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks
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I looked hard and eventually found a really good place in Cardiff called Antics. They were one of the cheapest places I found and if you are ordering more than a few (10 plus - and you talk to them nicely) you can get a small discount which should at least cover your shipping costs.
Regards Sergio Masci
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Sergio Masci
If you just want one or two for now, your local hobby shop might well work out the cheapest - even if they are a bit more expensive there's no postage. I like HiTec servos though there are many other decent ones. The HS311 is their regular standard-sized servo. If you want a ball-bearing on the output shaft - good for dealing with the side-loads incurred by mounting wheels direct to the servo - the HS325HB or HS325BB (slightly newer) would do the job. The Futaba equivalents would be the S3003 (no BB) and S3004 (with BB).
For maximum convenience, Active Robots sell servos, including some pre-modified for continuous rotation, and handy mounting brackets:
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Tim Auton

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