2003 Estes catalog

While roaming the newest Hobby Lobby in B'ham, I stumbled upon something I
haven't seen in a hobby shop here in several years.... a current Estes
catalog. I'm sure someone here has seen it but since I haunt the half dozen
local hobby shops regularly, it did come as a minor surprise. The last time
I picked up a current catalog locally was about 1996. Mostly the same as
they've been offering. Makes me miss the old Master's Series kits?
It's very slick and a definite improvement over past catalogs which made me
wonder, when does Estes release their current catalog. Anyone know?
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I picked up one of those new Enduring Freedom Patriot kits at my local hobby shop yesterday, and they had several copies of the 2003 Estes catalog laying there.
-- Joe Michel NAR 82797 L1
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J.A. Michel
January 2003. Both printed and online (PDF).
They also had a 2002 catalog. It had bad errors on the thrust curves and motor specs. They fixed them right away, but the printed copies were already out. The fix was released in the online version.
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Fred Shecter

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