Anyone own a LOC Expediter? Help please!


I just bought a LOC Expediter and this is the first kit in my fleet that has a payload section.

Since I dont have any payloads or an actual payload 'bay' thingy, do I just tie the nose cone the the transition with some elastic or what??? It didnt come with any way to secure the nose, so I'm guessing they expect you will fix it to a payload 'bay'.

What happens when you fly it with a payload? The nose is not supposed to come off, right? What happens if it does on it's way down? Should I have a long length of shock cord in case this happens to prevent damage?


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Leave it as is. Just make sure that it is a snug friction fit so it won't pop off accidentally. Use some masking tape around the base of the nose cone so that it fits tightly in the tube.

Also drill a small (1/16") hole somewhere in the payload section tube to make sure that air pressure equalizes.

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Wayne Johnson

I just tape the nosecone onto the payload section of my Expediter. :-)

If that's not for you, try pinning it on with small machine screws ("bolts") through the body tube and nosecone shoulder; one would be enough unless there's a heavy payload behind that nosecone. Or use those plastic rivets that PML sells. Or make the nosecone fit very tightly by wrapping tape around the shoulder. Or rig dual deployment and make the nose cone popping off a feature!

Adding a shock cord is certainly OK. But if you do put a payload in there you probably don't want the nosecone coming off even with an attached shock cord, so use some sort of secure retention.

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Steve Humphrey


Tape for snug fit with no payload and do the hole. Get small self tapping screws and secure nosecone with 2 to 4 screws if flying a payload. You of course should place appropriate padding in the bay to prevent shifting of the payload.

Kurt Savegnago

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Ok, thanks guys. If you think tape is good enough, then thats fine with me (I've just never flown a rocket where every part isn't attached to another part).

Vent probs. I'd better write that down...

Thanks again! :-)

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I've got a bunch of #2 sheet metal screws I use for things like this. I use

1 screw per inch of tube diameter. Tape works, but this is a bit more substantial.

BTW, MY SCO "rule of thumb" is that I want to be able to pick the rocket up by its nose cone and not have anything slip loose. If the nose cone is on tight enough that it can support the weight of the rest of the rocket, it's not going to come off at burnout or some other inappropriate time.

As an RSO, I prefer legislating RESULTS, rather than telling everyone they have to use my solution to solve the problem. My favorite example of that gone bad is NARAM RSOs who require 6" sticks on the end of your piston. First of all, that doesn't do any good. Second, it doesn't work on an egglofter. What I usually ask for in that case is to see the rocket held horizontally on the piston. If it stays in place, it's not going to pop at the wrong time. if its inside a tower, then it's certainly going to stay put when held horizontal. I doubt those sticks will help.

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Bob Kaplow

Use RC screws to screw the nose on the tube, and the tube on the trans section.

only two or three needed per side.

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