ARTS... yooHOOO!!!

Just a nice word about the Loki Research ARTS flight computer.

At our last METRA EX launch, Scott R and I flew his Performance Rocketry (quasi-) BBX twice, first on a K400 Spitty, then on a K750. The first pass belly-flopped in (operator error, as in ME!). Second pass to 6364', main deployed at 600'. When I walked the mile or so downrange to pick it up, the altimeter bay was gone, vasnished, vamoosed. Gone. Scottpicked it up about

250' away. The altimeter tray was spit clean out. The altimeter wasn't busted up (the tray didn't fare as well) but it wasn't beeping. Brought that bad boy over to Jeff Taylor's EZ-Up, he connected the data cable and offloaded from the NVRAM. As long as there's power for the events and data, it'll store two flights in the NVRAM.

Su-WEET. Thank you, Dr. Jeff. Nice unit, feature-filled (including optional GPS daughter board, too, no?).

See it here:

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Dr. Jeff? I thought you knew better.


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