Commanche 3 Launch - Shredded Booster Fins at Staging

I launched a Commanche 3 yesterday with two stages - D12-0 and C6-7.

wRASP says it stages at 388 feet and 250 mph. It sure looked a lot higher.

The minimum diameter booster stage lost two fins when it hit the wind sideways after it was kicked off the rocket. Both fins took some of the tube paper with them them they went. Guess I'm going to have to do glass or paper reinforcing to keep the next one from losing fins the same way.

Other than that it was a great flight. The boost was almost perfectly straight, the C ignited and the thing became a dot in the sky at a predicted

2200 ft. Not bad for 64% E total impulse.

I used a piece of mylar emergency blanket for the streamer. The silver sparkles on the way down and is nice for visibility.

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Thomas Koszuta
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instead of adding weight, want to try again with yellow glue? this time, use a pin to poke some small holes in the BT & bottom of the fin, for the glue to soak in to. also, did you "double glue" the first time? that is, apply a thin coat of glue, let dry for 20 minutes, apply another thin coat, press the two parts together for 20 seconds.


good tip

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Cliff Sojourner

If it's down to the bare paper, this is what I do:

  1. Soak it with ca and then use a drop or two of ca accelerator. That will make the paper very hard.
  2. After about 5 minutes, use a small drop of ca to "quick set" the fin in postion.
  3. Use yellow glue to form a nice fillet, building up several layers, until your satisfied with the way it looks.


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