Ouch Credit card fraud

I know this has happened to others but you never think it will happen
to. The other day I logged into my Premier Business PayPay account to
find out I had been cleaned out of funds. Upon further investigation I
found that someone had gotten my debit card information and had gone to
a website called thewiz.com out of Farmingdale NY and went on a buying
spree. I contacted PayPal and they canceled the card and me file a
dispute with this company. What are my chances of recovering 100's of
dollars worth of lost funds? I take many precautions to prevent this
very thing from happening including not allowing my credit card
information to be stored on website order from or the auto fill
provided by AOL and I shred all important documents before throwing it
Greg Dyben
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If it were a "real" credit card, you'd be protected. But the way PayPal and other online transaction services are set up, THEY are protected, but YOU are not. Yet another reason to use real credit cards and not these online services.
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Bob Kaplow
Yep, this is just one of the reasons I refuse to have a verified PayPal account. I purchase with PayPal, using a credit card, but will not allow one dime in payment to me via PayPal or add a bank account. That way if someone ever attempts to screw me on a deal, I paid with my credit card through PayPal, I can still do a charge back. I know; I will only get to do it once and PayPal will probably cancel my PayPal account. However, I think I can live with it...
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W. E. Fred Wallace
not so much credit card fraud, but "business as usual" for paypal.
check out paypalsucks.com for some commiseration and even more outrageous scandals.
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