de-regulating rocketry questions - TAKE TWO

I don't know completely what Jerry said ('cause he's in my killfile), but...
I have to agree that some of what Aerotech DOES is monopoly behavior. I've tried to get several of my local vendors to carry Aerotech products recently, to no avail. These are vendors that carried them pre-fire, but can't get them through their distributor anymore. Gary's apparent response is that he doesn't particularly care, because he has all the business he can handle with his existing 'network' (whomever they may be, and however many they are). But this is very short-sighted, as this means that the other hobby shops will/have no PERMANENTLY discontinued carrying the Aerotech line.
If he was worried about competition, he would be making every effort to assure some nominal quantities to smaller dealers, in order to keep the lines of communication open, and not to completely tick off these vendors. In the longer term, this doesn't help the hobby -- because if these things were available off-the-shelf, there would be more people entering the hobby, and thus more customers.
I'll also add the Aerotech has been EXTREMELY helpful to me in regards to customer service, answering bizarre questions, and selling me pieces of kits that have been damaged. I have absolutely NO complaints in this department at all.
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
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True, but what do you think should be done about it? What _can_ be done? (Jerry, don't bother butting into this. Letting you cert your illegally manufactured motors that can't legally be shipped is not a solution.)
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Yes, I'm sorry, I should have been clearer. The D-E-F-G single use and reloads.
I"m sure he believes he's doing the best he can. I'm not sure that is objectively the case.
At the very least, information provided to distributors and vendors. The vendors I spoke with thought Aerotech was completely gone (post-fire). When I kind of 'forced' the issue, and they contacted their distributor, their distributor simply told them they "can't get" Aerotech products. If Aerotech provided information to past distributors/vendors as to WHEN they will have a fuller distribution, that alone would help solve the problem (at least a little bit). This type of information OUGHT to be readily available on their website, as well.
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
Microsoft has a monopoly. Are they bad too?
You know who IS bad? People that further the monopolistic conditions from professional or semi-professional positions.
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Jerry Irvine
So sue him, oh wait, you can't. you're a vexatious litigant.
still, you could post the $50,000 bond required by the court, and then sue him, but wait, that won't work either. If jerry were to post a bond with the courts, I would petition the judge to release it to Myself and the other "powertech" plaintiffs. That would almost cover the judgment, NOT including interest of course.
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Dave Grayvis
That is not my response at all, and some of your other comments are an oversimplification of reality.
I mentioned to you or someone else that until recently we have been deliberately low-key because we did not want to make promises we could not keep, especially given the single-use MR motor situation. However, nearly every wholesale customer who has placed orders for AeroTech product has been receiving shipments on a regular basis, and those shipments are increasing.
We are in the process of rebuilding our relationships with our dealers and distributors, and that process is going very well. This includes contacting our old accounts and letting them know we are ready to do business with them again. We are working with one of the major national distributors on a promotion of AeroTech products that will reach thousands of hobby dealers in the next few weeks. Other marketing plans are in the works, and I believe we will have some news to report in the next few months.
In the near future, we plan to resume advertising in the hobby trade publications. We will also be attending this year's NRHSA show in Las Vegas and the HobbyTown USA convention in Lincoln, NE. Gradually, this will result in the reintroduction of AeroTech product in larger numbers of retail stores and shops.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
I'm very pleased to hear this, and I haven't been UNABLE to get product, but I've had to search for it.
My major point was that (in the trenches) the brick-and-mortar hobby shops who don't concentrate on rocketry products believe Aerotech is gone. I simply don't want those avenues to be closed off long-term because of short-term issues.
I understand that I've perhaps oversimplified the problem, but I'm presenting things as they appear to me, the end user.
On the plus side, I will (re-) state that Aerotech has been very helpful every single time I've contacted them directly -- and I'm pointing this out in the hopes of strengthening, not weakening, their presence in the marketplace.
David Erbas-White
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David Erbas-White
He said, "Gary's apparent response"
Is it oversimplification to say you have been demanding ATF perrmits for what even YOU must now agree were exempt goods?
And do you admit that your efforts to "ATF-ize" "sport Rocket Motors" has now led to a rule change proposal by ATF to target said Sport Rocketry?
To conform to existing industry practice of course :)
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What situation?
Which distributor?
Say hi to the local officials while you're there :)
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Jerry Irvine

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