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Hello All,

I have two (more) questions about SW 2004:

  1. Why does SW 2004 ask to rebuild my part EVERY time I save, even if nothing has changed? Like I open a part file hit save and SW asks if I want to rebuild.

  1. How do I get SW to display the full short cut menu items, instead of some of the items with the little arrow at the bottom?

TIA, Muggs

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  1. Don't know - mine isn't doing it. If you do the save, let it finish, and then do it again right away, does it still ask to rebuild?

  1. Shortened menus - in 2003 it was a checkbox on the first tab of options. Obviously, it's not there now. Sorry, maybe a registry tweak will do it.


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Wayne Tiffany

Not sure about the firts one doesn't act like that here...second one....try with rmb blank toobar area..take customize/options/shortcut and/or menu customization..."show all"....that seems to be trick

Krister L

Muggs skrev i diskussionsgruppsmeddelandet:

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Krister L

Thanks Guys,

The first problem must have been me, it seems fine now. Kristers fix did the job on the secound.

Thanks again, Muggs

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1 - yep, seen it, but it is something which happens in SW2003 as well and it seems to depend on a couple of things (i.e., who the hell knows why!?).. usually, for me anyways, using splitlines or when you are sliding up and down feature tree,.. so for instance, the features relating to my spitlines do not fully resolve (evident because I have to force a ctrl-q), or it ask to rebuild or it rebuilds during a change which is totally unrelated to the feature or sketch... which then forces a rebuild and you see the first or earlier features rebuilding (shown in status bar) this also happens when saving. (more middle fingers (personal hud reaction) have been pointed at my monitor because of unrelated rebuilds... wtf!?) So, doing a ctrl-q usually will help... that is, when I close a window, it will ask me to rebuild before saving and it really freaks me out not knowing what has changed after that rebuild/save... so, I've gotten into a habit of forcing a ctrl-q before closing a window/saving. (real time saver?.. arrrrgggghhh) I wish the program was good enough that the user never had to ctrl-q, and I would think the users of the future will not tolerant this?

2 - Kister seems to have answered that question.. I did not know where it was either.. hmm... it has a menu tab all to it self now??


Muggs wrote:

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Paul Salvador

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