Descon 13: Voting Pending

Okay, folks, All updates and entries are complete.
Now is the time to determine how to vote. Here are some thoughts from
one individual:
"I would like to propose a change to the voting system now, before the
voting starts.
As I understand it, the voting system used for the last few contests
is as
follows: Each voter pick 1st, 2nd, and 3rd favorites. 1st = 3 pts,
2nd = 2
pts, 3rd = 1 pt. This probably works pretty well most of the time,
but I
infer from your comments about the writing contest results that you
had some
difficulty. On contests that have a large number of entrants and a
number of prizes but not necessarily very many voters, it may be
to distinguish the winners, especially after the top few positions.
a 1st place vote counts for so much more than a 2nd, and a 2nd counts
twice as much as a 3rd -- this makes it harder for a voter to
between two closely matched contestants.
Proposal 1:
Let the voters assign a score from 1 to 5 points to every entry.
total score wins.
This allows the voters to fine-tune their votes a little more. If the
thinks that two entrants are equally deserving, he can give both
the same number of points.
Variation 1a) The total number of points that each voter may award
must be
no more than 3 times the number of entries (For the present 14
each voter could award up to 52 points). This will prevent "grade
inflation" where everybody gets nothing but 4's and 5's. If the
wants to give one entrant a high score, he would have to lower the
score for
somebody else.
I don't know if your voting software is set up to handle this. If
it's too
difficult to change on such short notice, I would be willing to accept
e-mail ballots and I would do the tallying with a spreadsheet. I
would set
up a new e-mail address just for ballots. I don't have an entry in
contest, so I should have no conflict of interest.
Alternative Proposal 2:
To allow for more distinction, especially among the lower places, I
we allow each voter to pick up to 5 choices. Then even out the
weights so
that the 1st place votes still count for more, but not by such an
overwhelming amount. Example: 1st = 8 pts, 2nd =7 pts, 3rd = 6pts,
4th =
5 pts, 5th = 4 pts."
With respect to the voting software, it was my intention to have a
summary page so that individuals could cut-n-paste their votes and
then post them on RMR with comments. Some have said they missed being
able to comment.
Let's wrap up the voting discussion (this thread) by Friday so we can
start voting on Sat - Fri, winners announced on 5/29... then GOWI onto
Descon 14.
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I think it's pretty much always been like that, apart from the addition of occasional mission points.
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Darren J Longhorn
I think the current system is fine.
- Robert Galejs
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Robert Galejs
Okay, I'll fess up. I was the "one individual" who proposed the change to the voting. The current system works pretty well to pick the top 5 or so finishers, but it's pretty hard to tell the difference between 17th place and 18th place. With only 3 votes per voter and contestants not allowed to vote for themselves, it is very possible that several entrants will receive no votes at all.
This would not be a "problem" if it were not for the fact that Nick has done such a great job recruiting prize sponsors and the sponsors have been so generous with their prize donations. If we only had 5 prizes, we wouldn't care who got 17th place.
One of my proposals was to have each voter give a score to every entrant. I think this would allow for finer gradation in the rankings, especially at the lower scores. However, it would be more work for the voters and for the election administrator. I offered to help Nick with the vote tabulation since I do not have an entry this time.
My other proposal was to change to voting for favorite 5 (instead of just 3). This is not that big a change.
There are already proposals in an adjacent thread to limit prizes to the top 50% of finishers for future contests. If that proposal takes effect, the current voting system should work just fine. In the meantime, though, we need a way to award the large number of prizes for Descon 13.
Or maybe keep the current scoring system, but only give prizes to entrants who get at least one or two votes.
Or if somebody else has a better idea, please share it. I'd like to hear some discussion from the group.
--- Bob Cox
-- Bob Cox
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Bob Cox
Is this an actual problem? I guess Nick could chime in here with more recent experience, but I've helped with descon voting in the past, and I don't recall this being a problem.
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Darren J Longhorn

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