Estes Coldpower (histrorical question)

Around the time I gave up model rockets, I bought the Estes Scamp (a coldpower convertible). Obviously, the coldpowered rockets are a thing of the past (seeing as the propellent was freon). Problem: I never got the thing to work. The engine would go off, but the gas would not come out fast enough to make it fly. Was this a common occurance? It was so long ago that I can't really give much more detail. Just curious.

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I never bought a "convertible" (but I remember them), but I did have a couple of the full sized "Vashon" rockets which Estes eventually got when they bought them. They zoomed pretty good. You have to fill them properly - with liquid Freon 12, not gas. It is like filling a liquid propane vehicle tank - there is a vent that has to be open to allow the gas out as the liquid fills the tank. you know you're full when the liquid starts to come out the vent. Then you stop filling and close the vent.

If you have Freon 12 you can sell it for huge amounts of $$$ and use that to buy good rocket motors (solids or perhaps a cool new hybrid).

-Fred Shecter NAR 20117

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Waaayy back, I remember playing around with a Estes/Vachon Valkyrie. It flew very well while it was mechanically sound. Eventually, though, the rubber zits toward the top of the engine tube would not hold the parachute compartment securely. That brought flights to a halt.

Dwayne Surdu-Miller SAROS #1

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