Estes Model Rockets mentioned on Howard Stern 11NOV2005

At 5:02am PST I heard Robert Downey Jr. mention Estes Model Rockets
during his farewell visit on the Howard Stern Show. He was discussing
his past drug abuse and activities that people who are under the
influence might consider to be fun to engage in while they are under
the influence. He also included water balloons.
He did not mention U.S. Rockets by name.
I'm Sirius.
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
"How many syllables, Mario?"
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I'm on Sirius too :)
Seriously, when Howie hits Sirius this Jan it'll be the best damn radio out there.
Ted Novak TRA#5512 IEAS#75
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Hi Ted.
I got XM radio, just because they would not be getting the stern show.
XM has more talk then Sirius does, and yes, even talk on the left.
In fact they have more talk on the left then they do on the right, but that's another story.
Sirius is great if you like sports, but if you like intelligent talking, XM is the way to go.
I can't beat the Wall Street Journal report on the morning drive for my comedy needs.
when I need a risqué laugh, XM comedy is their for the raw stuff, such as
the edible britches skits of get 'er done fame.
good things those edible britches come in 6 packs, I ate three raspberry panties on the way home from the store.
ya know, some big girls were just not made to wear thongs.
That string, just , well , ziiiipp, up it goes and disapears right up in there, never to been seen.
mine's so big, I hired a rodeo clown to keep her busy while I bring in the groceries.
god forgive me, and blessed be the pigmies down there in new gunnie.
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