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Estes "Storm Caster" First flight with C11-5 it was great Second flight with D12-5 out of sight!! How high did it go and how fast was it traveling ? Can I do the arith ? Thanks, I think I have a new hobby Bob H

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Robert Hagstrom
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I guess you could do some simple maths, based on newton's laws and change in momentum, but you need to factor in drag.

Far easier, grab (for free) WRASP - a simple rocket simulation program. Alternatively RockSim is a very powerful design and simulation program, and SpaceCAD is easy to use for model rockets. Both have free demos available.

Estes rockets are pretty much a known quantity, for a given BT size and motor, and 'standard' construction you'll usually get about the same altitude. If the Stormcaster is Bt-60 (about 40mm diameter), then on a D12 you'll probably get 6-700 feet, perhaps more (I think anyway, my heavy BT-60 rocket with altimeter did about 5-600 feet on a D12).

Welcome to the hobby, prepare to say goodbye to all your time and money ;-)

Happy flying!

-- Niall Oswald ========= UKRA 1345 L0 EARS 1151 MARS

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"Gravity assisted pieces of the rocket raining from the sky should be avoided. It is also financially undesirable."

-Portland State Aerospace Society

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Niall Oswald

Here, launch it all you want for free:

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Joel. phx

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Joel Corwith

Welcome! Enjoy the hobby. Keep flying.


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