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John says we can come by Monday and see what he has to offer. How does 7:30pm
For nosecones, he has an attachment for a lathe. A router is numerically
controlled to sit above the lathe and run from one end to the other, going up
and down with the outline of the nosecone.
He said it's like $2-4K (plus lathe and router). It sounds like a great idea.
I'd say you ought to be able to crank out 60 or more nosecones per hour this way.
John's info is:
CNC Routers
John Lepkowski
7005 Stoddard Lane
Plano, Texas 75025
mailto: snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com
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Let me know if you can make it Monday. I think the address above is his house.
I need to get his office address and directions.
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If you're thinking of that, perhaps yu may want to check into the machines this guy makes. He has had preiously, exactly what you're talking about listed on ebay.
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