How many L1 cert flights?

Hello All,
I'm curious just how many L1 cert flights there were at this years most
recent LDRS and NARAM. I'm not interested in the affiliation of the fliers.
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Andy Eng
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I would love to have certed at NARAM. But, due to the many different interpretations of the new legislation, what is allowed, not allowed, ect., I'm not going to bother until something is finally put into law. The only rocket I have which is suitable to me for a cert flight, is my LOC IV, which only has a 29mm mount. 29mm L1 motors are still a little scarce, and I'm not going to build something that's L1 suitable, with a 38mm mount, knowing good and well it might just be a waste of my money. David Logan NAR#79313
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Boy, I wish you'd said something then. I've still got a stash of H180s and would have been glad to have sold you or any one else a reload and even loaned a casing for a cert flight...
The LOC IV is a prefect choice for L1.
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Bob Kaplow

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