Jackson Model Rocket Club launch

Man, that was a blast!(pun intended) That was the first time I'd been to
Michigan International Speedway grounds.
I got a chance to meet Mark and his daughter Emily, Jim, Matt, Bill, and a
couple others whose names escape me right now - sorry. I probably saw about 30
launches, and launched 4 myself(only Estes, though). My Blue Ninja
unfortunately came down on someone's canopy and got damaged against the metal
frame. :-(
There were a couple of other equipment malfunctions - one Shrox bird went
horizontal right off the pad and almost ended up on the speedway track... A
couple others drifted across the access road onto someone else's property. I
hope the owners were able to retrieve them.
Everybody was very helpful, knowledgeable, and generous. Great bunch of people
- too bad it's such a haul to drive there(about 2 hours). The advantage is the
big expanse of space. That's probably the only place I could launch my larger
low-power rockets. If I'd had a larger engine, I could have seen how high the
Big Bertha I had would go. Come to think of it, I probably could have bought
one from Mark. Great, *now* I think of it. :-)
Thanks for the invite! Now I just need to find a field closer to home suitable
for the smaller rockets...
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Glad to have meet you Eldred, I could tell you were having fun.
Don't for get to fix the ninja before all the blue comes off !
Hope to see you soon.
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Jim Chambers
Was it that obvious? :-) Silly me though, I forgot to take pictures of the PEOPLE who were there.
Yep, and I need to finish the other kits I have. Wouldja believe I'm thinking about buying MORE...?
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