No One Who Has Aided the Enemy Deserves to Become President
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Being a prisoner of war in Vietnam had some high points but many more low ones.
The worst days physically were behind us in 1970, 1971, and 1972. After Ho Chi
Minh died in 1969, the routine torturing of POWs for propaganda purposes pretty
much stopped. Our captors panicked in November, 1970, following the daring raid
on a closed POW camp at Son Tai 20 miles west of Hanoi - and moved all of us
into the huge Hoa Lo prison in central Hanoi. We finally were permitted a
semblance of societal life after years in solitary and/or stuffed into tiny
windowless cells with two or three other POWs.
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Excercising freedom of speach is aiding the enemy? How about making more enemys faster than you are killing off the old ones?
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AkaZilla (AkaZilla) wrote in news:
As a officer in the Naval Reserves,Kerry did NOT have "freedom of speech" in order to do what he did;meet with N.Vietnamese and the Viet Cong withoput authorization. Nor to lead anti-war activities.
POWs all know Kerry gave aid and comfort to the enemy.
"John Kerry;betraying America since 1971."
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Jim Yanik
And this pertains to RMR how? At least with your Al-Qassam paranoia it had a motor.......the killfile may be employed once more.
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Chuck Rudy
Chuck Rudy wrote in news:Kshhd.1072$fw2.348@trndny01:
Y'know,you are free to skip over any topics you don't like.
Or killfile away,I care not a whit.
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Jim Yanik

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