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I ordered an LOC Legacy from DiscountHobbyCenter which should arrive soon.
I plan on using all the technics I learned here - Pin holes for the fins, etc..
and will be using either a small eyebolt or ubolt for cord attachment. Primary
motor will be the G64 or G80 for this thing. We have a friend who lives on
10acres with about 60acres of open land around him. Its definately more than 5
nautical miles from the airport and almost all our rockets weigh less than 3.3
pounds (except my sons scratchbuilt "ItzABoy"). The main reason for this input
is that I know this will fly high and was wondering where I could get one of
those "Chirping" sounders to put in the payload bay? I saw one on Rocket
Challenge that the preacher was using and figured it would be just about
perfect for my needs.
Any suggestions/input welcome
Tom B.
"Born To Fish - Forced To Work!!!"

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Nice kit, especially if you're new to this.
Pratt Hobbies' MicroBeacon is a perfect fit for the Legacy.
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Select the MicroBeacon on the left side for the particulars. These little gizmos are VERY effective and really compact.
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Kevin Trojanowski
I picked up several personal alarms from Ratshack, when they went on sale. They make a helluva racket. Unfortunately, it didn't help me find my V2/RMS480 motor when they landed in a swampy briar thicket a couple years ago... :-/
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Chuck Pierce
Love the Legacy.
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and click on the micro beacon link. I haven't tried one myself but others swear by them.
A couple of building tips that worked great for me: use fiber glass tape and good epoxy(system 3) for fin root renforcement. Since the legacy doesn't have much room for motor retention I used a AT motor clip with fiber glass tape renforcement. I also trashed the stock launch lugs and went with the tube that the AT first fire ignitors come in.
All in all, it turned out to be good durable flyer. Only mishap I had was a early eject of a F50 at burn out. Nice little 2" zipper.
Ted Novak TRA#5512
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the notorious t-e-d
Thanks for all the info. Greatly appreciated. Hopefully the kit will be here tomorrow. I just might have to try the reinforcement idea with the fiberglass. I've noticed that alot of builders are doing it with great success. Already have the paint scheme figured out . Thanks
Tom B. "Born To Fish - Forced To Work!!!"
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