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That was quite a show! I would have liked more discussion of the motors and electronics, but, hey, rockets in prime time is hard to beat.
Paul Picton
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We used 4 AMW N4000, and Blacksky AltAcc's and Timers. All in all a fun time mixing it up with Terry, Dan and Pat!
Erik Gates
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Erik Gates
12 minutes of compelling footage, jam-packed into an hour worth of TV!
The only thing that I see 'good' about the show is that the producers blocked out the '' paint from the side of the doll house, so we could at least put a little distance between hobby rocketry and what is going to happen on this show....
Flying a house? Ok. Not all that crazy or bad. I've seen similar stuff at launches (Porta-potties, construction barrels, etc.) But next week..... Rocket lawn darts? WTF part of 'good' is that for rocketry? Wasn't are argument less than a year ago that rockets were horrible at hitting targets? I hope, at LEAST, that the cast failed in a real miserable way at hitting anything.... That might be potentially good.
We shouldn't have to worry about another season of this, because it is just not that exciting, educational or fun..... They seem to have edited that stuff out ;)
Just my opinion....
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Yes... but I'm not sure I'm going to like the kind of exposure it gives the hobby. Seems like the theme will be more loony stunts than serious hobbycraft.
(Of course, WE all know we love the loony stunts, but..)
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Scott Schuckert
Maybe they did that because of how suckcessful they were with parachutes in the first episode. 8-)
Wonder if the guy Erik ragged on about the welding, welded the 'chute in correctly. 8-)
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Phil Stein
When we meet him, I mentioned that I did not know we would have a live payload.... He did not think it was funny!
Erik Gates
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Erik Gates
As long as the show is projected and viewed as what it is, entertainment.... and not a how to become a hobby rocketeer, there is nothing wrong with professionals, stressing safety and using the disclaimer they had at the beginning, then I don't see any problem with the show and I don't think it will harm the hobby. It might be good to use the disclaimer more than once per program.
Since they were using a lifting design similar to the escape tower of the Apollo, I figured theirs would go higher. I did not think BOTH would botch recovery.
The show was entertaining.
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