MicroMaxx Super Value Starter Set Quest 5618

They are appearing. I went to a Hobby People store to ask them for an update
today (Sun
7/11). They confirmed what I was told over the phone, that they have already
reached the
stores in San Diego county. They also told me that the warehouse in Fountain
(Serving Orange & LA County) has a truckload and that they just arrived. They
them to be sent by local Hobby People delivery truck to the various local stores
Call your store and ask when their truck is supposed to arrive. Let them know
what you
want. Here are the product numbers:
Quest 5618
Hobby People 818603
$39.9x (5 or 9)
10 rockets (blow out of the old RTF models)
50 (yes I said FIFTY) MMXII-1 motors and igniters
Standard launch pad with MicroMaxx adapter
Electronic beeping 9 volt controller.
This blowout sale item will help convert existing stock to cash and will speed
products to market. Last word was that new products (like "real" lightweight MMX
were on track for early 2005 release.
I imagine that you folks who shop at Hobby Lobby will see yours arrive when the
finally finishes lumbering down the interstate from Yuma.
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Fred Shecter
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is that 10 rockets and 50 motors for $40 ??
how do I get one if I do not have a hobby lobby near me ?
Chris Taylor
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Chris Taylor Jr
Online retailers will have them. I don't know which ones.
Call or e-mail them now. Do not wait. They need to order them if they expect to get them and sell them.
I know that eHobbies has tons of the "Silo" starter sets. I do not know if they ordered the SVSS's. I guess if someone wants a Silo before they are "collectors items" they should order one or 12 of them now. Quest will not be making any more of the silos....
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Fred Shecter
They are present for $39.99 in the southern Orange County Hobby People stores.
Interestingly enough, there's a typo on the box art. It says very clearly, in a couple of places, that it needs 2 (yes, two) 9V batteries for operation. I was wondering what was going on, but of course once you open up the box you realize that it's a mistake -- it just needs the one battery for the 'standard' Quest controller.
David Erbas-White
Fred Shecter wrote:
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David Erbas-White
David Erbas-White wrote in news:5c0Jc.1146$%p4.1073@okepread04:
Maybe they're just being up front about the fact that one 9Volt battery doesn't have a chance of sucessfully launching ten rockets. You'll need at least two, and then you'll be lucky to get 10 launches.
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Not a mistake. the box clearly explains that one battery will last for 25 launches, and since there are 50 motors you will need 2.
Complete discussion and lots of PHOTOS are on the YahooGroup:
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I bought mine as they were sorting out the delivery at the Lakewood store yesterday afternoon.
-Fred Shecter NAR 20117
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Fred Shecter
I've had good luck with either the GE/Sanyo or the GP NiCads in the Quest 9V launch systems. But I haven't ever tried to ignite 10 of them off one charge in a single day.
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