Nice day to fly!!

Been a long winter.. To much arm-chair rocketry!!
Hauled the family over to our little launch site.. Plopped down my home-brew
launch pad and controller.. That's the way it is during Winter.. Plenty of
time to burn on new rocket kits and projects!!
Flew a bunch of Estes stuff..
Weather, Fair.. Upper 40's.. Wind out of the SE.. 0-4mph.. Basically Calm
most of the time... not a cloud in the sky!!
FatBoy on a C6-5 ... This 'Boy always gives me the "St Louis Arch"......
Humm, time for a longer launch rod.
Black Brandt II on a B6-4 ... Nice flight. Landing almost back on top
of pad.
ExoShell on a C6-3 .. Kid's rocket.. They always have a blast on this one..
BBII again, this time on a C11-7 ... It's outta here... Landed about 20yrds
away in the BB diamond.
Wizard on an A8-3 ... Zipppppppp Pop!!! Another kid favorite....
All this time.. Kids keep saying.... It's Cheetah time..... Well, I guess
it was since the weather was perfect..
Started loading a D12-3 into the Cheetah... Decided, what the hay..... Let's
go for broke!!! Loaded up the F20-7 econojet... Hooked it up to the home
brew relay
launcher.. Wondered whether the 'ol 9.2V Nicad had enough juice... Didnt
have to worry, This baby roared off the pad.. Family loved it.. Dogs
Went way up, arched over a apogee and ejected perfectly..
I love this Hobby.
Now, get out there and fly some rockets!!!!!!
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that's what it's all about, Tony
- iz
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Ismaeel Abdur-Rasheed
Beautiful post.
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Jerry Irvine

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