Problem for AP Motor Manufacturers

According to a news item:
"A sole-source supplier of a critical binder polymer
(hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (HTPB) R45) for solid rocket motors
(SRMs) has informed the department that it may leave the SRM business
as early as the end of calendar year 2006," said DOD spokeswoman Cheryl
Irwin. While DOD officials declined to name the supplier, has learned that it is Exton, PA-based Sartomer, a
subsidiary of French oil and gas company Total S.A.
Bummer for Aerotech,
Edmund Hack
Houston, TX
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We'll always have Mumbai
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Fred Shecter
If really the only source, it would be a bummer for the US more then a bummer for hobby rocket motor makers.
But then we did just sign a technology and military agreement with a country in mid-Asia a few weeks ago on a visit by the Pres.
You know the one taking our tech jobs away.
Maybe that's why the PA firm is getting out of the business.
Too much Tort, EPA and other concerns they can't make a profit in the US.
But at least the corporations can make money while what little is left of the middle class can almost make ends meet.
and to top that off, now we must worry about families other then in Iowa that can't make ends meet on the other side of the border.
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Cranny Dane
I doubt that Sartomer is getting out of the HTPB business. HTPB is a widely used base polymer for polyurethanes. They may want to get out of the R45M business though but there should be plenty of R45HTLO for everyone.
Cranny Dane wrote:
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In article, jdMARS at wrote on 3/30/06 7:41 PM:
And RCS has it in stock for immediate delivery.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
If this is really the case..
I wonder why they would want out of the R45M business, considering how much they gouge you up the ying-yang for it in comparison to HTLO. Although I imagine the commercial market for HTLO is massive compared to their trade in M, so perhaps it is more of a PITA than they care for with the tight specs. I'm sure there are more lawsuits resulting from defective rubber goods than from commercial and military rocket motors using R45M.
As to hobby motors, you don't need R45M, so no worries. There are several commercial boosters that use R45HT/R45HTLO due to cost savings over M and the fact that they don't need the somewhat improved properties of M. I doubt R45HTLO is going anywhere.
Mike D.
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I think CD is CD Tavares.
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Jerry Irvine
Nope. Tavares would cut you to pieces and you'd think it was a compliment!
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Bob Kaplow

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