Re: Another example of REAL homoSAPean stupidity

Anyhow here is the poll that I found on the net ... sad. Our star

>dominates and dictates our weather/climate here on planet earth, yet >somehow SAPieans are convinced that a V-8 engine is an act against >almighty God himself ... what fools walk among us. A volcano will >spew more ... ah forget it ... most of the readers here are probably >suckered in by this bullshit ... here is the poll:

You should enlighten the people on the bicycle newsgroups. Most of them seem to be convinced that cars and all who use them are the Devil Incarnate. Some of them even support vandalizing SUVs. You should move closer to the places you need to go, or get a job near enough to where you live that you can walk or bike. Their goal would be to eliminate all cars, and if you can't get around without one, tough. :-/

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Plastics are not made from gasoline. They are long polymerized chains from various hydrocarbons that are found in petroleum. The point is, if and when oil gets up to $100 a barrel, it will start to be reflected in areas other than the automotive industry.

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Brian/Joseph McDermott

On the other hand, if oil does get up to $100 a barrel, we'll find that we're a lot farther from "running out of oil" than we were when nobody was willing to pay more than $40 a barrel...

-dave w

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