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Tim go to your local library and look at the Boy's Life Magazine. If you
contact them directly you may be able to get an old copy of the Magazine.
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1 PNC-7-3 1 BT-7-8 5 die crushed paper fins 1 shock cord 1 thrust ring 1 lUnch lug 1 instructions forget if it includes a decla, but think not 1 streamer 1 shock cord mount
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Jerry Irvine
The Akela-1 rockets (assuming it is an Akela-1) came with a small blue and yellow decal set. There was no shock cord mount unless the kit was changed sometime after the ones I had.
Shock cord mounting consisted of cutting two small slits in the body tube and threading the elastic through them, then tying off and smearing a bit of glue into the slits.
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As I recall from my days as an Estes child, this was a commonly-specified procedure in the instructions for BT20-sized rockets, which were small enough in diameter that it would have been difficult to use the folded paper glue mount that was frequently included in BT50-sized and larger kits.
(This was back when the Estes "shock cords" were genuine model-airplane-grade grayish-brown "contest rubber" strip instead of the funky white rubber that succeeded it, which in turn was later replaced by the "underwear elastic" variety consisting of multiple rubber strands with a fabric thread woven over them...)
Ah, memories...
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
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