RIP: Is this our George Flynn ?

heres an obit about a Dr. George Flynn
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was this our George J. Flynn that published the Model Rocketry magazine back
in the late 60's-early 70's?
For those not alive back then, the Model Rocketry mag started including the
NAR Model Rocketeer(8/69) that up until that time had been appearing in the
American Aircraft Modeler mag....and hence the MRm was a great member
I did not know he had passed until I read a bit from Mark Bundick in the
recent Model Rocketeer.
shockie B)
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He was one of several noted rocket folks who passed away and who were noted in the NAR newsletter (the one that comes out between magazines).
I do not know if that was the Model Rocketry George Flynn in your linked obit.
I thought he lived on Long Island for a period of time and I never knew he was at MIT while I was there.
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Fred Shecter
The pictures I found on the web of this particular George Flynn look nothing like the guy I met 33 years ago, but then again, disease may have done a number on him. I also thought the guy I met was only 10-15 years older than I, not 20.
Odd that the last time I heard about him was when Ducky Klouser ran into him on the plane flying to Dallas for NARAM-32. That is, Ducky was flying to NARAM-32. I don't remember where Ducky told me George was going.
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Roy Green
I suspect this is not the same person. The publisher of Model Rocketry was George F. Flynn, the obit is for George P. Flynn. Model Rocketry was published from Oct 68 to Jan/Feb 72 from Cambridge, which does not overlap with the timeframe described in the obit.
I met George F. Flynn in the early 70's while attending the MIT model rocketry conventions while I was in high school. I would have guessed he was no more that 5 years my elder, and I'm 49 now. I was under the impression that he was a student at MIT, as were most of the editor/contributors of Model Rocketry Magazine, but I might be wrong on that one. I never saw George while I attended MIT, but that was when I dropped out of model rocketry.
If the notice in The Model Rocketeer was correct, it is ironic that two different George Flynns, both associated with MIT, both passed away within such a short time.
Tom Fetter
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if anyone knows where former mrm editor/publisher george flynn is, please let me know.
he still owes money to both doug malewicki and me for articles we wrote.
plus interest.
michael poss
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No. This is funny. Apparently, you believe the statue of limitations applies to those guys but not to you. What a putz.
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Phil Stein

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