RMR is haunted!

What the heck is going on here?
Every post I have is duplicated up to 10 times and it's all in some kind of
stupid code. Can anyone read this?
Please respond.
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Yes, looks fine to me.
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Les Kramer
The ones I'm seeing look like recipes.
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John Stein
same here.
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Chad L. Ellis
If you look at the headers, it looks like someone at the University of Wisconsin is having a bit of fun.
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It's a flood directed at net.admin.net-abuse.email. I'd guess the box in WI is owned and a grumpy spammer is having a field day.
-- Cogito ergo bibo
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Yup, just another simpleton script kiddie with zero skills amusing oneself whilst abusing oneself.
Interesting note: In Thunderbird when viewing simpletons handiwork the 'send to abuse' option appears by default.
Ted Novak TRA#5512 IEAS#75
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I use two servers for RMR. One has the cannibal sicko recipe posts and the other does not. I guess one server does a better job of filtering crap than the other.
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J.A. Michel
I've seen bits and pieces of a couple of them (one supposedly from Ray Dunakin, the other from Mark Bundick) and that's it.
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Kevin Trojanowski
They showed up on my server last night and were gone when I checked again just now - "bad article number/expired message". Someone probably saw what was going on and cleaned them out all in one go.
-dave w
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David Weinshenker
I'm seeing a lot of posts being duplicated with 'recipes'. No JI though...
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Niall Oswald
Just saw your post... nothing out of wack here... just the same ol' same old...
I haven't read anyone eles's responses... So I'm not sure of what others may have concluded.
Could it be a bug in your computer...??? I would think that you're on top of that though... So I really know better...
BTW... Did ya'll have a good Christmas...???
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It's just Homeland Security/Patriot's Act keeping tabs on us, and you know how the government loves triplicate and all that.
snipped-for-privacy@charter.net wrote:
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Zathras of the Great Machine

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