RockSim 8.05 XML errors w/Shrox .rkt files

Sorry if this is an old topic, but I couldn't find any related posts.

I'm trying out the RockSim Demo and I have downloaded all of the Shrox free plans on Apogee's web site. With exception of:

SeaSnake, TriTip, and TwoNer I get a file loading error..."Failed to parse the XML Content".

I can only assume that the files are corrupt, but so many? There's at least ten plans that won't load.

Does anyone have a work around to fix the data/files?


- Jeff

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I never used the Demo version, but I do have the full version 8.0.0f5, Production release Build 5 installed.

I downloaded the first two files you mentioned Seasnake, TriTip and had no problems opening them. I do remember having that same error message before I installed Build 5 with a bunch of files. Build 5 of the full verison fixed that.

Thanks __________________ Steve Naquin TRA 677 L2

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Steve Naquin

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