(adv) Apogee RockSim Files Posted on AeroTech Website

Apogee RockSim Files Posted on AeroTech Website
RockSim-compatible .eng files for AeroTech and Kosdon-by-AeroTech (KBA)
motors have been posted to the Resource Library under the "RockSim Motor
Data" heading.
The AeroTech.eng file includes data for the newly redesigned F & G
single-use motors.
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Gary C. Rosenfield
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I'm getting a "file format error" from the engine compiler at line 1451 starting with the AeroTech G104T. Is this me or are others having the problem? I've got the most recent release of RockSim... Will
Gary C. Rosenfield wrote:
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Will Marchant
The last time/thrust pair of the previous motor, the G80, needs to have a 0 thrust value. I added the following thrust pair and it worked: 1.42 0
I emailed AT and asked them to check the file and add the proper data.
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Dick Stafford

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