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Amiga 500 = the most awesome form of *computer* I've ever used. Bar none. I was more impressed with the 500 than any of my time share on a Cray.
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the notorious t-e-d
I have three a2000s with accelerators that now sit in My closet. Too bad Commodore mismanaged themselves into oblivion.
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Dave Grayvis
No jerry, that's just a hazy glue hallucination you're having.
you best be careful jerry, you might kill your brain cell.
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Dave Grayvis
I'm surprised it took this long. TVM has always been a MAC guy and ran his rocksim on the Mac.
Linux version? Why not? How about VMS :_)
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Bob Kaplow
chuck: i use the windows version of VPC to run other windozes and linus/unix OSes....there aren't any security problems that I am aware can network the "vitual pc" OS to the host network and access the interenet that way... but if you got protection like a firewall/router in front of the host OS you will be safe...
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You wanna try that one again?
Just because you build a product for Linux doesn't mean it has to be open source.
It's only open source if you include anyone else's code that requires you to make your product open source.
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Kevin Trojanowski

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