Spacecraft Models Market survery - opinions needed.

I used to operate Part Time Models in years past, making resin
spacecraft and aircraft models. I'm going to be getting back into it.
I've finally slapped together my Big Fat List Of Models, Maybe. It's
in the form of an Excel file... with about 200 suggested models.
What I'd like is for everyone even vaguely interested in space models
to peruse the list, and send me an e-mail saying which models you
would buy at the suggested price, assuming that the model quality was
demonstrated to be good. The Excel file has three columns for years
1,2 and 3... since it's unlikely that anyone would actually buy all
200 of these models if made available, I need to judge when to make
which ones. So say which - and how many of which - you think you
actually would buy over the course of those three years. This is NOT
an actual order form... you won't be obligated to buy, and I'm not
obligated to sell at the prices suggested here... but it would be very
helpful if everyone is honest.
Your help here is greatly appreciated. The more responses, the better.
If anyone has suggestions as to where else I can post this, or would
like to forward this message to friends who might be interested, that
would be greatly appreciated.
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Please send your replies, either in the form of a text email, or a
modified version of the excel file, to my e-mail address...
Note antispam.
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Scott Lowther
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