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I have just received my reload cases yesterday. I am building primarily Estes stuff now, and repairing what I can of my 17 year old kits. I am building my new kits a little stronger with epoxy on the motor mount. How much should I add to the nose on the rockets? I see the reloads are maybe twice as heavy sometimes, but some aren't but maybe 10 or 15 grams heavier. Should I just add a half to an ounce of nose weight just to keep everything balanced? All replys are welcomed!


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If you build the rocket in a simulation program such as SpaceCAD or RockSim, you can get a definitive answer. I think 'VCP' can also help you here.

Alternatively if you know, for example, that the rocket is stable on a D12, load it up for flight as usual (motor, chute, wadding etc) and measure where it balances (this will give you the CG location to a reasonable degree of accuracy).

Take the D12 out, put an assembled F12J (for argument's sake) into the MMT. Add noseweight until the rocket balances at the same point it did on the D12. Obviously if it was overstable on the D12 it will be overstable on the F12, but should be fine. You will generally need to add more to short and fat rockets than long thin ones.

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