Student stabbed with model rocket

OMG ... even after almost 3 years since the occurrence ... it's still
a little hard to believe ... what the hell was the kid thinking while
he was stabbing the other kid with the rocket?!
I mean I have never seen Freddy Kruger or Jason pick up a model rocket
and start impaling their teenaged victims with it!
Here is the story and link:
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Student stabbed with model rocket
By HOLLY STROTHER Star-Tribune staff writer Sunday, June 08, 2003
An eighth-grade Centennial Junior High student was accidentally stabbed
with a model rocket Tuesday afternoon at the east-side school,
according to district officials.
The unidentified 15-year-old sustained a one-inch puncture wound to the
chest when he and a 13-year-old friend engaged in "horseplay" over the
Estes Rocket during class, said Wayne Beatty, the district's Safe
Schools administrator.
At approximately 12:40 p.m. Tuesday, the boys' technology class was on
the football field launching the model rockets when the incident
occurred, Beatty said.
The boys had been standing by the goalposts and spotted an unfired
rocket, he added.
"Both boys went for the rocket at the same time," Beatty said. "They
engaged in horseplay trying to grab the rocket (and) ... one of the
boys began poking the other with the rocket."
The boy sustained a minor chest wound just above the sternum, he said.
School officials determined that the wound and its possibility of
infection was serious enough to call for an ambulance from the Wyoming
Medical Center.
The boy was transported to the hospital, where he was X-rayed and
sutured, and then released, Beatty said.
According to a Casper police report, the victim's mother agreed that no
charges were to be filed against the other boy.
The 13-year-old is spending the last four days of the school year in
the in-school suspension program.
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But would that mean companies having to get licenses for their EPHBs? After all, you should see the damage an EPHB can do to a business...
G. For the non-Dilbert readers, EPHB=Evil Pointy Headed Boss
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Roy Green
I mean think about it ... it would take A LOT of force to sink a nose cone, assuming the pointy end, an inch into someone's chest ... I don't think they were 'horseplaying' like the article states! I believe the 13 year old used the rocket as a short spear!
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