Does anyone know of an upscaled Der Red Max kit?

Hey all... does anyone know of a larger upscaled Der Red Max kit? I'm looking for one in the 4" range... 3" or 5.5" or whatever would be fine. I'm scratch building an 8" one and my son would like to build something inbetween the Estes size and mine...



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A long time ago (1991?) Original Rockets had a 4" Das Blue Max. I've still got mine, with about a dozen flights on it.

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Bob Kaplow

Hi Ron,

I have a 4" DRM, flown it lots of times. It's a really neat, fun rocket, I always have great time with it. There are no kits that I know of, but scratching one together is not too tough. I built mine of PML components and had Tango Papa make vinyl decals for it. I highly recommend Tom's vinyl decals for ease of application and great looks - well worth it! I have more details about mine on my website, click the link in my sig. Email me off list if you want more info.

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J.A. Michel

The only one I know of was re-named Das Blue Max. I don't recall the company name that's been long out of business that made it though. I've got a built one sitting here.

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Scott D. Hansen

The only upscale DRM I'm aware of is a 7.5" diameter version made by Smokin' Rockets. Their website still works but I don't know if they're "actively" selling kits.

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- look under Sport Kits.

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