Last year it

Last year it was more like 260' IIRC.

alternate reported

well with 100

The 19th alternate was at 1115' (135 points).


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CHicago winters.

year, or

cancelled due to


weather, I do NOT

Send them up here to Minnesota; we fly year around . There are some HUGE fields here in the winter, with no trees at all. Can't use them in the summer, though--we'd sink.

FWIW, I did a quick and dirty analysis: I calculated correlation between % qualifying and average temperature between Dec and Feb by NOAA zone; the result was a -.26 correlation (more people qualified as a percentage of entries in colder places. The same relation , albeit milder at -.08, applies to percent of entries reaching the finals.

There are a ton of confounding variables, but I sure wouldn't say that the colder places had an unfair handicap.

I agree it sometimes wasn't pleasant out there :-)


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