NAR President's TARC 2004 Report - Serious Stuff

  1. National Space Society Visit

On Friday, May 21, George Rachor and I visited for an hour with George Whitesides, the new Executive Director of the National Space Society. He promised to give us a hand when we needed action, either around NPRM's or legislative activity.

  1. Capitol Hill Visit

After our NSS meeting, George Rachor, John Kyte and I spent 45 minutes with House and Senate staff discussing legislative options. John has some follow up work to do after this meeting and, as we all know, the process of education about rocketry matters on Capitol Hill is slow and requires patience and persistence.

We did identify some possible opportunities for both legislative action and Congressional interaction with ATFE directly, and John will be following up with staff and Members to further investigate and determine how real the opportunities might be. We will keep you apprised of any action, especially if we need support for Members of Congress.

  1. TARC Launch

Ross Arends, Executive Assistant for Congressional Liaison to the Director of BATFE, spent about 3 hours at the TARC flyoffs in the company of Senator Enzi, myself, NAR Secretary George Rachor, John Kyte, and many NAR members.

Ross came in response to Senator Enzi's invitation to the Director to attend TARC, and I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Ross for spending a part of his weekend with the NAR at TARC


A group of NAR/TRA high-power fliers, led by Bill Schworer, put on a carefully-designed and extremely professional display of HPR technology and flying for Ross, and for the large crowd of TARC flyers, aerospace industry and NASA VIP's, etc. in the late afternoon between the end of the flying competition and the award ceremony.

Bill and his team also went over EVERY detail of the safety and technology of our hobby with Ross, letting him handle and see the technology in action. All in all, it was an excellent opportunity to communicate directly to the top of BATFE (outside of a courtroom) who we are and what our concerns are with BATFE. (Senator Enzi also participated directly in some of these discussions out on the HPR range.)

All those involved came away recognizing that Ross was there to listen and learn. Everyone involved, Ross, the HPR crew and NAR "management" was polite, engaged and completely professional. Ross promised to take our messages back to the Director, but obviously could not predict results.

Wall Street Journal reporter Bobby Block also attended TARC on Saturday afternoon, and maintains a strong interest in our hobby and our challenges.

  1. Summary:

We used an excellent opportunity to educate a senior ATF official about our hobby and concerns. We continue our education process in the Congress. We're continuing to make more friends in the aerospace and education communities. We're generating more and more good press about the safety, education and fun of sport rocketry. The public is "getting it," understanding that our hobby isn't a threat to their safety in any way.

All of these things are working to create an environment where we can secure that unregulated future we need and want. Your patience, persistence and continued support will be needed to help us reach that goal.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Mark B. Bundick mbundick - at - earthlink - dot - net NAR President www - dot - nar - dot - org

"A dark night in a city that knows how to keep its secrets, but high above the quiet streets on the twelfth floor of the Acme Building, one man is still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions. Guy Noir, Private Eye."

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Mark B. Bundick
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Networking is a very powerful tool.

Well the needs' of the many out weigh the needs' of the few or the one. ATM, model and amateur rocketeers are the "few". I just don't think that given the current war against terrorism, threats real or contribed, that regulations are going to be laxed and therefore rocketry given a "free pass".

Reality is that alot of wheels have been and will be spun with zero net effect given our current national security threat. Perhaps, patience should be employed and the rocket commnunity start "building bridges" and "stepping on toes" under a more favorible climate?

Ok so he came, he saw, and he left ... net effect zero :) You put far far too much faith in our Federal Government ... just think, if a federal official witnesses a NRA skeet shoot, does this mean conceal and carry laws will be replealed during the next congressional meeting?

This has been done how many times in the past in front of fire marshals, mayors, BATF, DOT personel ... again those wheels are spinning ...

You mean to tell me that up to this point, this had not been known or communicated to the top echelons of the BATF leadership or field managers ... it took some 20 years to reach this point ... hell at this rate most of you will be dead cold in the ground or over your widow's mantle in an urn before this gets ironed out.

Again those wheels are a spinning ... look Bunny, just mix your own propellant on site and use. Or fly hybrid before you expire!

That is nice, but its not going to help. We are regulated and once the Feds have their fangs in your butt cheeks, they DON'T let go. They might soften the grip but they never let go. Look at taxation, when it was first envoked, under Pres. Lincoln, it was used to fund the war between the states. It was supposed to end once the war ended ... then in the early 20th century, it was supposed to be a maximum

1.25% on income ... well things sure have changed for the worse!

I guess we did win on appealing prohabition, but that was because the MANY not the Few ... love a good ale or stout or logger or gin :)

Ok but Bunny, these things were ALREADY done in during the "golden era" of rocketry. Remeber who Nar Member #2 was? Verner von Braun! No come on Bunny if von Braun was not influential enough ... then kiss rocketry good bye!

Folks, all that is being done has been done in in spades serveral times over back in the 1960s. I guess the education is just continuing for another 40 years :)

I can use a model rocket powered by a "B" motor to critically wound or even kill another human being. Just embed razors in the leading edges of the fins, and in the countour of the nose cone. Maybe even design an explosive warhead by using a nail driven back into a blasting cap or shot gun shell and detonating the black powder and nails.

I know ... bad rocketeer poster, but I am just trying to get you to say things that are REALISTIC :) There are other ways to use rockets to kill people, but lets not others any ideas :)

Hell a road flare attached to the nose or payload compartment of a high-powered rocket and launched into a heavily wooded area ... see my point? I wish it weren't so easy ...

Unregulated isn't going to happen Bunny ... not in your life time nor mine and I am in my 30s ... do the math.

Personally, I am an Johnny Dollar fan :)

We both want the same thing Bunny, but in the end we will receive something far short of our desired goals.

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Word of Reason

No, they do not. Life isn't a Star Trek episode.

Huh?... in another post you said we should "work" with the government to get a compromise. Now you say we shouldn't. Make up your mind.

Sounds like we should ban YOU, not rockets.


Your goofy statements like the one below are not "realistic":

Why would anyone go to that much trouble to start a wildfire? There are many simpler, more efficient ways. Same with all these other cockamamie schemes you keep coming up with, like putting razor blades on modrocs.

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Hence the word "troll" Ray.

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Jerry Irvine

Everything he has mentioned, is available at Wal Mart. Ban Wal Mart!

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Dave Grayvis

If it was, we could send Jerry a red t-shirt :-)

Bob Kaplow NAR # 18L TRA # "Impeach the TRA BoD" >>> To reply, remove the TRABoD!

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Bob Kaplow

Yes! And Walmarts ARE being banned in communities all over America!

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Word of Reason

No Life is a Star Trek episode! Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not an escalator!

Well you can't beat the government ... they will just come out and shoot your wife, and your child , ala Randy Weaver, Ruby Ridge. Look, the government is the greatest single impediment to freedom and personal happiness for most Americans. If you are gay, it bans your lifestyle. If you are black, it places you into a racial cast system. If you are a white male, it blames you for all the ills of the planet. The Uniter States Federal Government is a very oppresses entity.

Now with that said, the government is not going away. It is not going to allow you to fly ANYTHING YOU WANT. Please stop sniffing meth or smoking crack ... the government is NOT your friend.

Howsoever, we must work within the conditions and confines of its over extending and oppressive tenticles. Either that, or you fly nothing. Lets see be regualted out of existence or take it up the butt and fly something ... you have free will to chose your path ... just be ready to be held accountable.

Yeah, I could kill a man with simple tools ... don't need guns, just objects that get he done ... I chose not to because my personal freedom is more important than almost all humans on planet earth ... except for Usama Bin Laden ... I would consider it a personal honor to kill him ... really.

Sigh ... you are the reason this nation is falling apart from the top down ... let me use little simple words so you and others can undestand the REALITY of our situation with regards to why our activites are so heavily monitored:

Wildfires destroy millions of dollars of property every year in the Unites States, mainly the North West, West, and South West. These fires also KILL, uh Terminate ... small word ... end the lives of hundreds of people. In order to fight these fires, states expend, spend, lose millions, sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars fighting the fires and paying out home owner claims, i.e. Berkeley Hills fires, or the recent Arizona fires of the last 2 years.

Histry lesson time - During world war 2, the one with John Wayne, the Japanese launched hundreds of ballons with the intent of starting fires in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. They also managed to launch an ultra-lite from a submarine off the Oregon cost and drop "flare bombs". They managed to start a fire that the forrest service was able to put out due to low winds.

So you see, yes Virgina, people do start forrest fires, and I hope they don't chose rockets to start them with.

End of class, I expect a report on my desk by Monday :)

I'm sorry I sound so damn arrogant and flipant, but day after day year after year I meet people and am very dissapointed in my fellow human ... yes I am a misanthrope ... why not?

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Word of Reason

LOL! The dreaded Red Shirt of Certain Doom!

"I gotta get outta here! I'm not even supposed to be here -- I'm just the guy who gets killed in the first fifteen minutes to prove that the situation is serious!" -- Sam Rockwell, "Galaxy Quest"

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Well, if you had access to that sort of toxic or infectious agents in the first place, and aimed to do something destructive with them, I doubt that government restrictions on toy rockets would be much of an inhibiting factor!

-dave w

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David Weinshenker

No need to do that when you could just hook up the timer to a flare.

That's the first thing you've gotten right yet.

No, you've just imagined a fantasy scenario and declared it credible.

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Please go back to Skating and leave rockets for the rest of us.

You could, I imagine, strap 144 road flares to your skating jacket, and skate right into the middle of a park in fall with leaves on the ground and cause a blaring fire and panic amongst the other skaters and bladers. I guess we need to ban them as well, and you will be out yet another hobby.

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