Team Prometheus

I thought I would drop a post here about our team and see if there is any i nterest here. We are an amateur team with an amateur built UAV Spaceplane. We are currently developing a cold gas RCS system for exoatmospheric attitu de control. We are using high altitude balloons for drop testing our system s.

We believe we have the most complex infrastructure of any amateur team in e xsistance with a complete mission control including live video and telemetr y. We also have a working automated tracking system.

Our team is based in Lampasas, Texas and is spread out all over the country . If you have interest in this project and it's systems contact monroe@team our goal is to launch this spacecraft into space in summer 2


Thanks! I hope this message is not offensive to anyone. It's just an offer to get involved if you would like. We can update here if there is interest.

Monroe King

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Monroe King
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Open source space plane? Sounds like a cool idea though I'm not sure if amateur necessarily means open source. Neither site nor Facebook page (circularly linked to each other) have any information about the project whatsoever. Perhaps you might want to post

*something* - concept drawings or some photos, anything really, in order to attract more interest?
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