Testor's Paint Question

I got some Testors Transparent Candy Apple Red paint to do a rocket with
The directions say to paint it over a base of silver, gold, or metallic
copper, and to spray mist coats of color until desired depth of color is
achieved. Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Is it any good?
Joe Michel
NAR 82797 L1
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J.A. Michel
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I used some of this on a plastic car model a long time ago. The metallic base is a must. Make sure all of your spirals and grains are filled and smooth. Any imperfections will be obvious. Use patience when applying the candy coat, and follow the directions. The results are beautiful if done right. David
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Yes...I use it all the time...love it...then I cover that with krylon clear...reds, blues, green...like the way it looks....I always use silver...chrome if you can get it...makes a big difference....
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I tried this and had some "less than spectactular" results.
Yes the metallic base coat is a requirement if you want the 3d look to the paint. The candy paint is transparent. Surface prep and patience are the key. This stuff is thin and runs like nothing you will ever see. After letting the base thouroghly dry *think days) Be ready to lay down 10-12 coats for a really nice finish. Wait at least a day between each coat. If you mis a spot get it on the next coat.
This stuff is incredibly unforgiving.
I did a Baby Bertha and it tool 3 cans before I was satisfied with the results. I also tried it on a scratchbuilt and after two weeks of trying to get it right, ended up with the nicest candy apple primer in the world. I painted the thing flat black in retaliation.
If you want to get the effect with something a whole lot easier, try a heat sensitive film like Monocote.
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Al Gloer
Does it matter which metallic basecoat you use? I guess I'm assuming that the color of the basecoat will have an effect on what the final color is. True statement?
-- Joe Michel NAR 82797 L1
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J.A. Michel
Yes, the basecoat color affects the final color. You might want to experiment with them to see which one you like, as I've only used the silver as a base. David
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Use over a silver base coat for a true deep dark candy red color. I personally prefer using a gold base coat ... you end up with a warmer "orangish" candy red that I prefer. And ditto on the runs and drips if you spray it on too thick. Use lots of patience and lots and lots of thin coats with days and days of waiting between coats.
David S. Chen
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