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Finished up my paintjob today, and thought I'd share a few observations. I
prepped the heck out of the rocket to get all the spirals and woodgrain out,
primed with Rustoleum sanding auto primer, sand more, etc. First coats of
metallic silver went OK, but the stuff is runny! Took awhile to get the
hang of it.
Next, I sprayed on the transparent candy apple red. It wasn't as
transparent as I expected, nor was it as runny as I thought it would be. I
gave each of the topcoats about 20 minutes to flash off. 3 coats of
candyapple were applied.
The paint nozzles liked to shoot out blobs of paint once in awhile. Backing
up to about 18" spray distance seemed to help. With both the metallic
silver and candyapple red, paint leaked from the nozzle and filled the ring
on top of the can with paint. Imagine my surprise when I shook the can
during use!
All things considered, all went well and the paint turned out awesome!
Joe Michel
NAR 82797 L1
I got some Testors Transparent Candy Apple Red paint to do a rocket with
The directions say to paint it over a base of silver, gold, or metallic
copper, and to spray mist coats of color until desired depth of color is
achieved. Anyone have any experience with this stuff? Is it any good?
Joe Michel
NAR 82797 L1
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J.A. Michel
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Sounds cool, be sure to post some pics if you can.
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