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New Comanchee 3
lost all but the first stage of the one I built in college. This time I'll launch it with more capable spotters than I did last time, like maybe my 7 year old and his friends... -- lab~rat >:-) Do you...
11 years ago 4
My Comet landed in a tree yesterday...
guess that's what I get for firing it off in my front yard. Hey, any field can be a rocket field if you're willing to pay the price! -- lab~rat >:-) Do you want polite or do you want sincere?
11 years ago
A Very Good Day Launching Rockets.
Dearest Daughter: This Sunday morning I woke up early. This is usual for me. Usually, I get up early to go to Buddhist services on Sunday. However, today I dressed in my DART T-shirt and loaded eight...
11 years ago
Simultaneous rocket launch, view of one launching from the air
We had about 20 neighbors show up in 15 minutes notice last weekend to a vacant lot around the corner. Here, I launched my son's "Metalizer" with the key fob camera attached. My neighbor launched his...
11 years ago
Can't afford the hundreds of thousands of dollars it costs for a ticket to space? There is another way.
Here's an article from Discovery News: FL - In support of its mission to broaden public awareness of the benefits of space exploration, the Aerospace Research & Engineering Systems Institute, Inc. is...
11 years ago
"Wings In Orbit" Book and Bonus Commemorative DVD Set Pre-order Sale
"Wings In Orbit", is set for release in March. We will have a limited supply of this fantastic book plus a bonus commemorative DVD set, so reserve your copy today! For more information or to reserve...
11 years ago
New rocket and a missile launch at Markham Park
Comet launched with a C6-5, streamer recovery: flipped the switch on an Orbital Transport purchase, maybe a test launch by Sunday? Red Max: launched this one in my neighborhood and dropped it about...
11 years ago
PING: Fred Schecter
Do you still hang around in here? I visit once in a while but there is absolutely nothing of any value going on on USENET because the volume of garbage posts and cross- posted nonsense (most of which...
11 years ago 2
Dremel circle cutter
use one of these for centering rings/bulkheads? Ted Novak TRA#5512 use one of these for centering rings/bulkheads? Ted Novak TRA#5512 I use a similar tool, a RotoZip. Works fine. Tom The problem I run...
11 years ago 6
burn rate measurement method?
Has anyone tried casting propellants into drinking straws to measure burn rates? It seems like that might be a good way to make consistently sized samples for burn rate measurements. That will give...
11 years ago 8
18mm mach buster?
Is it possible to break mach (>1.0) with an 18mm motor? I've run a bunch of sims and get close, but not over mach. It's easier with a 24mm motor, and a lot easier with a 29mm. Assuming the motors are...
11 years ago 1
paraffin fuel
Does anyone know of amateur experiments with paraffin fuel and a perchlorate oxidizer? I have seen paraffin used in a hybrid rocket, and I have seen an abstract of a Russian journal article about...
11 years ago 1
Model Rocketry Magazine or News Letter
Hi - Are there any magazines/email news letters devoted to Model Rockets? I have been out of the hobby for many years and would like to get back in to it. I like to scratch build rockets and I am...
11 years ago 3
Has anyone tried this?
We launched the Gyroc last Friday in a 5 acre field, and I was afraid I'd lose it because a fin wasn't aligned. It took a nice, swirling path, but a little too close to no man's land. I'll pay more...
11 years ago 11
Some new and old projects
>:-) Do you want polite or do you want sincere? Neat. Lots of memories for me too. I built a Scissor-Wing Transport (I think) last year and lost the power pod. Got the glider, but in a very large,...
11 years ago 2