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Half price rocket motors
I don't know if AC Moore is a local arts and hobby chain, but they have been recently sending out coupons for 50% off any purchase. The one near me carries kits and motors, so I've been stocking up....
11 years ago
Does anyone have any experience with them, or more specifically, with this kit: built this once years ago and thought I'd give it another go. -- lab~rat >:-) Do you want polite or do you want sincere?...
11 years ago 5
f7 motor
I was going through some stuff and found an FSI F7-4 motor in perfect conditin. It has been in the house and has been subjected to no tem cycling nor has it been dropped or knocked around. Anyone want...
11 years ago
Happy Anniversary RMR!
If any one is still there, today is the 21st anniversary of Mike Jungclas' proposal to create RMR: Here's the email I got from Mike that day: From: DECWRL::"att!ihlpb!rjungcla" 9-Sep-1989 03:13:41.36...
11 years ago 3
rockets and gliders
I'm still playing with the basics of rocket-assisted gliders. Here's a question: which is better (or easier) - boost gliders or rocket gliders? Boost gliders seem the most straightforward because they...
11 years ago 7
A couple of rockets
SR-71 was built probably 20 years ago and launched a handful of times. The other was built last week and has yet to fly. Maybe this weekend... -- lab~rat >:-) Do you want polite or do you want...
11 years ago is online and active
is updated !! George sent some more pictures for Saturday and now James Duffy is also sending in pictures! Also got a link (on the front page) to a Russian Site with a ton of pictures!! great stuff...
11 years ago 2
Michael's Crafts closing out rockets and supplies
For what it's worth, Michael's are ending their selling of Estes rockets and have reduced their prices by as much as a third. This weekend the motors all seemed pretty much picked through, but a...
11 years ago
PING Aussies
G'day. Any Aussies in this group? My NNTP host carries no other model rocketry groups, so I subscribed to this one. Hi all. Am fairly new to model rocketry, but having a ball.
11 years ago
Suggestions for a WAY low altitude rocket...
What would be a good way to go to launch on less than an acre or so? I'm thinking maybe mini engine in a rocket with some drag and streamer recovery? Any thoughts? -- lab~rat >:-) Do you want polite...
11 years ago 14
Looking for a model
Actually, a replica, not a model, as I have a Revell kit which I don';t want to have to build. I'm looking for a decent carved wood or resin model of a Gemini space capsule. I've found a couple...
11 years ago
OT space progam
If the link below to the news-item on HSF is anything to go by, we're about to move in a better direction than where Obama was heading for. Hi All, It's a start to a better HSF program. But there are...
11 years ago 1
Way off topic - Please Remove NASA Administrator Bolden
{Administrator - OK to remove if too far off topic] For all of us who ever dreamed about going into orbit ---- Please write your congressman and senators (I have done so tonight) Please support any...
11 years ago 1
Since F SR is being flown at NARAM 52, I have posted my NARAM 30 R&D report "The Stability of Flexible ROckers at High Speed and Recommendations for Superroc Desing" to This should be required reading...
11 years ago
Hobby Lab SR-71 on ebay NIB
If I had the spare budge, I would bid on them. Since I don't, I thought I would pass this along ... There are TWO (!) NIB Hobby Lab SR-71 Rocket Gliders on ebay. One is the RC version, the other is...
11 years ago