1/24 or 1/25 MGs, 20mm or 40mm to mount on a jeep/Humvee sorta thing?

I'm going to do a 'what-if' sorta urban assault vehicle in 1/24 or 1/25 (can't remember), and I need some decent noise makers for the roof gunner. Anyone know of anybody who makes stuff in this scale? Even a Ma Deuce would do in a pinch I suppose, but I'd like something meaner. Thanks

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en a Ma Deuce

In the words of that estimable statesman, Popeye, you have an "orfink." The number of kits with weapons done in 1/24-25 is close to nil, and the Model RR stuff in G gauge doesn't really offer anything much for it either.

There are items now in 1/32, 1/18, 1/16 and larger but not a great selection in 1/24-25.

Cookie Sewell

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Even a Ma Deuce

There are some 1/25 tank kits out there.......perhaps you can bash one of those and improvise

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Count DeMoney

Revell makes a simple (snap-together) Humvee with roof-mounted TOW missile in 1/25. I don't know about availability though.

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Regards, Ralph

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Ralph Currell

Thanks guys, I think the TOW missile is a brilliant solution

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